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PROFINET developer workshop in Italy a success


After offering successful workshops for developers of PROFINET devices in countries like the US, Germany, China and Japan for many years, PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) held a seminar in Piacenza, Italy on February 27, 2018. Every expectation was exceeded at the event.

The many available options for integrating PROFINET technology into industrial automation devices is both a blessing and a curse. While only a few ASICs used to be available for selection with PROFIBUS, PROFINET now offers device developers an enormous variety of choices. This technology ranges all the way from software stacks to FPGAs and from ASICs to pre-fabricated modules ready to go. This enables every developer to utilize the best and most cost-effective method for their product. To make getting started easier, PI designed a one-day developer workshop, which allows both users and manufacturers of communication technology solutions to come together. The focus here lies not only on presenting potential solutions – the workshop is an opportunity to lay out the entire path from product development to certification.

This year’s workshop was held in Piacenza, Italy. Due to such a high level of interest, participants had to register in advance. All in all, the seminar was booked solid with 90 registered participants from more than 60 companies. It wasn't just participation that was a success, though. The massive interest shown in PROFINET was also evidenced by a wide variety of discussions in which participants could join at the microfair with manufacturers.

Development workshops are an important component of PI’s support for manufacturers in the development of PROFINET devices. PI also publishes new guidelines on a regular basis, both for the use of PROFINET in machines and systems and for developers. In addition, Plugfests are held on a regular basis so that any questions about PROFINET can be answered during the development phase as well. With this, PI offers manufacturers a comprehensive package for PROFINET implementation.

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