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IO-Link is coming to Graz


This year, the IO-Link Community will be holding an IO-Link user workshop in Graz, Austria. On September 26, 2018, users and other interested people can learn the basics of the technology and the advantages of application there.

IO-Link’s success is a reason for many companies to join the community and develop products. The range of products and services available is always growing. The main cross-manufacturer IO-Link database, “IODDfinder,” already includes 6,878 IO-Link devices. Growth can also be seen in the impressive number of IODD file downloads – well over one million to date.

IO-Link was originally developed for the easy wiring of intelligent, complex sensors and actuators using a simple, standardized, three-core sensor cable. Meanwhile, IO-Link has proven to be the key in implementing powerful Industry 4.0 concepts. New areas of use have been opened up with IO-Link Safety and IO-Link Wireless.

Basic knowledge will be imparted to participants in a variety of sessions (some of which run at the same time) at the free user workshop in Graz. The workshops begin with a general overview of IO-Link and the integration of IO-Link into the automation landscape. Concrete problem solutions with reports from day-to-day use, as well as a brief presentation on IO-Link Safety, fill up the rest of the morning.
Participants can then choose between one of the two parallel sessions which follow: “technology” or “benefits.” While one series of presentations primarily focuses on the use of the technology, e.g. covering aspects of planning and commissioning, speakers demonstrate the concrete benefits, such as those in maintenance and diagnostics, in the other session. Other focal points include device profiles, IODD, engineering and the replacement of devices during operation. The day is topped off with reports from users and product presentations.

Register now at:

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