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Vol. 3: FDT Interface Specification; Specification for PROFIBUS Device Description and Device Integration



Specification for PROFIBUS Device Description and Device Integration, Volume 3: FDT Interface Specification

This specification is an interface specification for developers of FDT components for Function Control and Data Access within a Client Server architecture. The specification is a result of an analysis and design process to develop standard interfaces to facilitate the development of servers and clients by multiple vendors that shall interoperate seamlessly.

The addendum of the FDT Specification 1.2. contains additional information concerning the FDT Specification.

The document V1.2.1 is intended for developers who want to implement FDT components compatible to 1.2.1. For 1.2 compliant development previous versions of the specification must be used.

Version: 1.2
Order No.: 2.162
Language: English

Version: 1.2.1
Order No.: 0001-0001-002 (FDT-JIG)
Language: English

# Date Filename Type Size
26/04/2009 FDTSpecV12+Addendum(2162_V12+2162_Add).zip zip 5 MB
26/04/2009 zip 3 MB

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