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Vol. 2: EDDL Specification; Specification for PROFIBUS Device Description and Device Integration

Specification for PROFIBUS Device Description and Device Integration, Volume 2: EDDL Specification The Electronic Device Description Language has been designed to implement a vendor independent data set called EDD describing device configuration, maintenance and functionality. The EDDL defines the syntax ( form) and the semantics (meaning) of the data and the behavior of a PROFIBUS device or component and the structure of the corresponding user interface. In its most basic form, the EDD source is human readable text written by device developers. The EDDL specification provides a detailed description of the Electronic Device Description Language required for the development of an Electronic Device Description source file. The architecture of the EDD application and its usage during design and operational phases of a device are defined. Details: Version: 1.2 Order No.: 2.152 Language: English
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