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The PROFINET over TSN TRIAL Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET over TSN interfaces for field devices.

The goal of this bundle is to get used to the new environment that consists of the Automated Embedded Test System (ETS) Tester application and ETS – HW that provides a real-time environment for tests.

The bundle includes first test cases in the area of testing Time Synchronization via IEEE 802.1AS-2020 and a testcase covering first tests with RSI.

A first Testcase migrated from ART to ART-ETS is now also included.

  1. Time Synchonization

The cable delay measurement mechanisms are triggered and verified.

Cable delay and sync frames are verified

Synchronization timeout is verified

Reaction on changed clock rate is verified

Reaction on change of delay in sync frames is verified


Long term time synchronization test (2 hours duration per MAUtype)


2. RSI

    • Testcase RSI DA-AR
        o Establishing an DA-AR
        o Establishing an DA-AR with wrong parameter
        o Establishing an DA-AR and reading record data with wrong parameter
    • Test case RSI IOC-AR
        o Establishing IOC-AR
        o Establishing IOC-AR with wrong RspMaxLength
        o Establishing IOC-AR with wrong Vendor ID
        o Establishing IOC-AR with wrong Device ID
        o Establishing IOC-AR with wrong Instance ID
        o Establishing IOC-AR with wrong Rsi Interface
        o Establishing IOC-AR Read Record with wrong RspMaxLength
    • Test case RSI Implicid Read
        o Implicit Read
        o Connectionless Read
        o Implicit Read with wrong RspMaxLength
        o Implicit Read with wrong Vendor ID
        o Implicit Read with wrong Device ID
        o Implicit Read with wrong Instance ID
        o Implicit Read with wrong Rsi Interface
        o Implicit Read Read Record with wrong RspMaxLength
    • Test case Migration of Different Access Ways
        o Different Access Ways with RSI
        o Different Access Ways with CLRPC

Supported MAU Type: 1 GBit FullDuplex; 100Mbit FullDuplex

Warning: Supports only silicon revision 1 AM65x industrial development kit (TMDX654IDKEVM)


This bundle is not for official device certification! It is just for trial and providing feedback.


This bundle contains:

  • Automated ETS Tester,
  • Test Specification PN IO devices,
  • PN Specification,
  • all PN relevant Guidelines,
  • demo test case for application testing,
  • and GSDML specification.



For support or feedback, please contact PN-TS-Support(at)oth-aw(dot)de

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