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PROFINET PA Trial Test Bundle



The PROFINET PA V4.01 TRIAL Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET PA field devices. The bundle contains some test cases for PROFINET PA devices of version 4.01 for the Automated RT Tester.

Important note: The test cases contain all current changes to the PA profile that have been decided by the C3/PG7 working group so far and will be included in the new profile version. Please refer to the corresponding TCS and TCIS documents.


  1. AdressingMapping-Scenario1 (EPM and Device Instance Information)
  2. AdressingMapping-Scenario2 (Device Management)
  3. AdressingMapping-Scenario3 (DeviceID specific Blocks)
  4. AdressingMapping-Scenario4 (I&M)
  5. AdressingMapping-Scenario5 (Communication)


  1. ParameterAttributes-Scenario1 (Block_and_Parameter_Instances)
  2. ParameterAttributes-Scenario2 (Reserved Parameter)
  3. ParameterAttributes-Scenario3 (Data type (length), Access rights, Storage)


  1. Startup-Scenario1 (profile instance startup parameter accepted)
  2. Startup-Scenario2 (profile instance startup parameter units only)
  3. Startup-Scenario3 (profile instance ignore startup parameter)
  4. Startup-Scenario4 (profile instance startup parameter invalid)
  5. Startup-Scenario5 (profile instance STARTUP_PARAM_VALIDITY invalid)
  6. Startup-Scenario6 (profile instance access STARTUP_RECORD)
  7. Startup-Scenario7 (manufacturer instance startup parameter accepted)
  8. Startup-Scenario8 (manufacturer instance startup parameter units only)
  9. Startup-Scenario9 (manufacturer instance ignore startup parameter)
  10. Startup-Scenario10 (manufacturer instance startup parameter invalid)
  11. Startup-Scenario11 (manufacturer instance STARTUP_PARAM_VALIDITY invalid)
  12. Startup-Scenario12 (manufacturer instance access STARTUP_RECORD)

Physical Block

  1. Physical Block-Scenario1 (Mode)
  2. Physical Block-Scenario2 (Communication Parameter)
  3. Physical Block-Scenario3 (Parameter RESET)
  4. Physical Block-Scenario4 (Parameter WRITE_PROTECTION (manual))
  5. Physical Block-Scenario5 (Parameter LANGUAGE)


  1. Diagnosis-Scenario1 (Update Event - manual ack - PB Mode Automatic)
  2. Diagnosis-Scenario2 (Update Event - auto ack - PB Mode Automatic)
  3. Diagnosis-Scenario3 (Update Event - manual ack - PB Mode O/S)
  4. Diagnosis-Scenario4 (Update Event - auto ack - PB Mode O/S)
  5. Diagnosis-Scenario5 (Update Event – manual ack - FB TARGET Mode O/S)

Flow TB

  1. Flow TB-Scenario1 (Mode)
  2. Flow TB-Scenario2 (Parameter FLOW_DIRECTION)

Level TB

  1. Level TB-Scenario1 (Mode)

Temperature TB

  1. Temperature TB-Scenario1 (Mode)

Pressure TB

  1. Pressure TB-Scenario1 (Mode)
  2. Pressure TB-Scenario2 (PRESSURE_OFFSET)
  3. Pressure TB-Scenario3 (LEVEL_OFFSET)

Analog Input FB

  1. Analog Input FB-Scenario1 (Mode)
  2. Analog Input FB-Scenario2 (<Process value> - value and status in Mode O/S)
  3. Analog Input FB-Scenario3 (<Process value> - value and status after Mode O/S)
  4. Analog Input FB-Scenario4 (<Process value> - value and status in Mode Auto (Simulation))
  5. Analog Input FB-Scenario5 (Simulation)
  6. Analog Input FB-Scenario6 (Parameter PROCESS_VARIABLE)
  7. Analog Input FB-Scenario7 (Parameter <Process value> and cyclic data)
  8. Analog Input FB-Scenario8 (Parameter INPUT_SELECTOR)
  9. Analog Input FB-Scenario9 (Parameter <Process value>_UNITS)

Totalizer FB

  1. Totalizer FB-Scenario1 (Mode)
  2. Totalizer FB-Scenario2 (<Process value> - value and status in Mode O/S)
  3. Totalizer FB-Scenario3 (<Process value> - value and status after Mode O/S)
  4. Totalizer FB-Scenario4 (<Process value> - - value and status in Mode Auto)
  5. Totalizer FB-Scenario5 (<Process value> - value and status in Mode Auto (Simulation))
  6. Totalizer FB-Scenario6 (Simulation)
  7. Totalizer FB-Scenario7 (Parameter <Process value> / <Process value>_DOUBLE and cyclic data)
  8. Totalizer FB-Scenario8 (Default value of parameter INPUT_SELECTOR and <Process value>_UNITS)
  9. Totalizer FB-Scenario9 (Parameter INPUT_SELECTOR and PROCESS_VARIABLE)
  10. Totalizer FB-Scenario10 (Parameter <Process value>_UNITS)
  11. Totalizer FB-Scenario11 (Parameter <Process value> power cycle)
  12. Totalizer FB-Scenario12 (Parameter MODE_TOT)


This bundle is not for official device certification! It is just for trial and to provide feedback to the test case developers.

This bundle contains:

  • Automated RT Tester,
  • Test Specification PN IO devices,
  • PN Specification,
  • 5 PA Profile GSDML,
  • and GSDML specification.


For support or feedback, please contact: pn-ts-support(at)oth-aw(dot)de


Important hint for execution: Please run all scenarios from the ‘AddressingMapping’ group first. If these are passed by the device, execute scenario 1 from test case ‘ParameterAttributes’. After that you have to create the device specific data files from the generated template files. These files are necessary for all further test cases.

Generation and Adjustment of the PA Data File

For the execution of most PA profile test cases it is necessary to request default and write test values from the device manufacturer for some block parameters. This is necessary because the profile does not specify these values for all parameters.

The test case ‘ParameterAttributes-Scenario1’ (group ‘ParameterAttributes’) creates a template file for this purpose (Data_****_****_***_template.xml) in the subfolder “PaDataFiles” of the project folder.

All default and write test values not defined by the profile must be filled in by the manufacturer. The new file must be saved without the "_template" extension after editing. This file will then be used for further tests. An example of these two files is shown in the following image.


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