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The PROFINET PA Profile Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET PA field devices. It can be used as a means of supplementary preparation for the mandatory certification for PROFINET devices with supported PA profile V 4.02MU1.

The official PROFINET Test Bundles retains its validity, this is just an addition.
Each device must have passed the official PROFINET tests with the manufacturer instance before.


This bundle contains:

  • RT-Tester (ART),
  • Test cases for the PA Profile test.

The following test cases for the PA Profile test are included:

  • General:
    • AdressingMapping
    • ParameterAttributes
    • Startup
    • Physical Block
    • Diagnosis
    • Manual
  • Block specific test cases
    • Analog Input FB
    • Analog Output FB
    • Binary Input FB
    • Binary Output FB
    • Enumerated Output FB
    • Totalizer FB
    • Flow TB
    • Level TB
    • Temperature TB
    • Pressure TB

Test cases for the other block types are under development and will be published at a later time.

The necessary Profile GSD files can be downloaded from the PI website.

Version 2022-10-27 (V2.43.2.10)

This Test Bundle V2.43.2.10 PA Release shall be used for PA Profile certification tests.

This is an addition to the tests of Version 2022-07-28 (V2.43.1)


Expected timelines for test bundles


BOT (Begin Of Test)  V2.43:      October 27, 2022

EOT (End Of Test)     V2.43:       August 31, 2023*

* Expected, but not yet decided! Shifts in planning and timeline will be communicated here

For support or feedback, please contact: pn-ts-support(at)oth-aw(dot)de

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