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The PROFINET IO Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET IO interfaces for field devices. It can be used as a means for preparation of the mandatory certification for PROFINET devices.

This bundle contains
Security Level 1 Tester,
Test Specification PN IO devices,
PN Specification,
all PN relevant Guidelines,
Test cases for all RT-/IRT-/Security Level 1- tests,
GSDML specification and

The goal of this test system is to have all the necessary documents and test systems for RT and IRT and Security Level 1 (NetLoad) combined in one bundle with all the electronic test cases to be performed during a certification test.


New version 2017-04-05:
Most of the documentation has been updated.
"Configure-in-run" has been replaced by "Dynamic Reconfiguration".
All tester have been updated.
11 test cases have been added.
„IP_UDP_RPC_I&M_EPM“ is now fully automated.
16 test cases have been updated.
An interface for the additional power board "Synaccess NP-05B remote power strip"  has been added.

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04/05/2017 2017-04-05_PN-test.7z 7z 234 MB

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