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GSDML Specification for PROFINET



The GSD (General Station Description) is the device description technology for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. It comes in two flavors:
·         The PB-GSD for PROFIBUS Masters and Slaves using GSDL (GSD Language, keyword based), and
·         The PN-GSD for PROFINET Devices using GSDML (GSD Markup Language, XML based)

This specification covers the GSDML, which describes a PROFINET Device regarding its identification, its structure, its communication features, its process data, its parameters, and its diagnosis.

The intended audience of this document is device manufacturers (for writing the GSD file for their devices), engineering tools manufacturers (for integrating PN Devices using GSD files), and test labs (for triggering automated tests according to the device’s GSD file content).

V2.34 is a maintenance release with only a few minor additions. The main focus of this release was on improving the readability of the specification. For this, the document was completely re-structured and re-formatted.

GSDML V2.34 matches PROFINET IO Standard V2.3 Ed.2 MU4.

Version: 2.34
Order No.: 2.352
Language: English


New draft in PI-Review:
Version: 2.35
Order No: 2.352
Language: English

This draft is published for testing and review only. It must not be used for development purposes.
Comments to be submitted to, until April 30, 2018.



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