WirelessHART Technology Training
Endress+Hauser Switzerland
02.02.2017, 08.08.2017, 29.11.2017

Course Content
This 2-days course provides a basic understanding of WirelessHART technology for the process automation industry.

Project and application engineers, service support and field service
technicians with basic skills in electrical wiring and
use of computers.
Marketing and sales employees are welcome, but
please note that this is a technical course which does not focus
on marketing and sales aspects.

Learning Objectives
1. Commissioning:
• Able to select the basic components and wire them up
• Able to configure adapter and gateway
• Able to create a workable network mesh

2. Diagnosis:
• Able to troubleshoot the physical layer and mesh network

Content Focus
Day 1: Morning session - Theory
• E+H WirelessHART product portfolio
• Typical applications with WirelessHART
• Physical basics of radio communication
• WirelessHART technology
• Basics of FieldCare/DTM for WirelessHART

Day 1: Afternoon session - Hands-on
• Mounting and wiring of a WirelessHART adapter and gateway
• Setting up a WirelessHART adapter using DTM technology
• Setting up a WirelessHART gateway and creating a mesh network

Day 2: Morning session - Theory
• Common wireless technologies
• Basics of WirelessHART data integration into a host system

Day 2: Afternoon session - Hands-on
• Troubleshooting possibilities with WirelessHART
• Exam

PC Process Solutions specialists, trainers and product managers

The course incorporates more than 50% hands-on exercises to ensure the participant takes with him/her a basic working knowledge of WirelessHART

Per person: 800,- EUR / 800,- CHF. Includes Lunch, break refreshments and one evening event.

Training dates
17.-18.01.17  Basic Industrial Ethernet (DE)
19.-20.02.17  PROFINET Technology Training (DE)
01.02.17        HART Technology Training (DE)
02.-03.02.17  WirelessHART Technology Training (DE)
02.-03.02.17  Basic Industrial Ethernet (EN)
08.-10.02.17  PROFIBUS Technology Training (EN)
13.-14.03.17  PROFINET Technology Training (EN)
15.-16.03.17  EtherNet/IP Technology Training (EN)
03.-04.04.17  PROFINET Technology Training (DE)
05.-06.04.17  EtherNet/IP echnology Training (DE)
25.-26.04.17  Certified PB Installer (DE)
08.-11.05.17  Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer (DE)
19.-23.06.17  Certified PROFIBUS DP/ PA Engineer (EN)
19.-23.06.17  Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer (EN) SINGAPORE

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Contact and registration

Mariana Rado
Endress+Hauser Process Solutions AG
Christoph Merian-Ring 12
CH-4153 Reinach
Phone: +41 61 715 73 78

Endress+Hauser Process Solutions AG
Christoph Merian-Ring 12
4153 Reinach
By: Michael Ulrich