PROFIsafe Refresher Seminar October 2017

The required quality of PROFIsafe products and systems highly depends on the quality of the know-how of the development teams and on the deployed methods and procedures. An adequate range of trainings can assure the necessary level. Thus, the responsible PI working groups in cooperation with TÜV developed a training scheme, which is available to all interested PI members for their employees in charge of PROFIsafe and safety. Experts having passed all tests will receive a TÜV certificate Certified PROFIsafe Designer. The training should be repeated every third year in order to continuously keep the knowledge up-to-date.

Therefore this online training on October 5, 2017 is to refresh your knowledge and to prolong your certificate in a one day course. 

Time: 1 pm (CET/MEZ) to 4 pm (CET/MEZ)

The attendance fee for this training is 200 Euro excluding VAT.

For more information please download the flyer below.

By: Burg