PROFINET Trouble-Shooting & Maintenance
12.07.2017, 13.09.2017, 01.11.2017
United Arab Emirates

PROFINET Trouble-Shooting & Maintenance

This training course provides a detailed technical overview of the advantages PROFINET technology offers your automation and production processes. Constantly a comparison with PROFIBUS is made, which is the current standard and PROFINET an interesting enhancement.

PROFINET is using Industrial Ethernet as communication medium, which has a lot of myths and grey areas for a lot of users like: cabling, security, determinism and speed. But there are more important aspects nobody is willing to answer: will maintenance activities change?, what happens when the cable has a disturbance?, the solution for process automation, investment costs and how many manufacturers are supplying products?

This training course will take a look at these issues so that the participant has confidence to evaluate himself if PROFINET is an appropriate solution for his automation requirements. All Topics will be finalized with a demonstration to get a direct link with the real world.

This event is hosted by the experts of PROCENTEC who are constantly deployed worldwide to carry out projects and training sessions. They can realistically inform you about the advantages and consequences of PROFINET technology.



PROFINET is an Industrial Ethernet standard for automation that includes plant-wide fieldbus communication, plant-to-office communication, and equipment-to-equipment integration. PROFINET can simultaneously handle standard TCP/IP and real-time transmissions at sub-millisecond speeds. Using proxy technology it easily connects to PROFIBUS; thus protecting the existing investments in plant equipment and networks.



  • Current PROFIBUS situation
  • Development of PROFINET
  • Application area of PROFINET
  • Peek in the future

PROFINET Technology

  • Device types
  • RT and IRT
  • IO and CBA
  • Addressing
  • Performance
  • Proxies
  • Configuration steps
  • GSD files
  • Hardware and software of a PROFINET device
  • Certification of devices
  • Available tools

Ethernet overview

  • Access method
  • Frame structure
  • MAC and TCP/IP addresses
  • Switches
  • Cabling guidelines
  • Cable types
  • Connectors
  • Wireless


  • Configuring a PROFINET installation
  • Integrating a PROFIBUS segment
  • Testing a PROFINET installation
  • Analysing messages
  • Assembling a connector
  • Exchanging devices




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