PROFINET Technology Training
Endress+Hauser Switzerland
19.01.2017, 13.03.2017, 03.04.2017, 16.11.2017

Course Content
This 2-days course provides a basic understanding of PROFINET technology and device integration into a SIEMENS TIA Portal.
Focus is network design, components, device integration (SIEMENS TIA
Portal) E+H devices, PA Proxy.
Introduction of the latest diagnostic tools and trouble shooting

The course is designed for field service, engineers/technicians. It is
mandatory that the participant brings a laptop (preferably his/her own
service laptop) into the course session with the latest version of
FieldCare and
DTMs installed.

Learning Objectives
1.Network design
• Able to calculate a network load
• Knows the main components
• Network topologies

2. Commissioning:
• Able to wire up an individual field device to the network
• Able to get the right device driver set
• Able to integrate devices via SIEMENS TIA portal
• Able to read and write process values
• Able to implement PROFIBUS PA Proxi PN to PA

3. Maintenance:
• Able to exchange a field device on a running system without
shooting down the bus communication
• Connecting FieldCare on PN to get trough the PN to PA Proxi to
the PA devices
Device configuration via different ways.

4. Diagnosis
• Use the latest trouble shooting tools for network analysis.
• Interpretation of PN alarms
• Telegram analysis

PC Process Solutions specialists, service technicians and product

This course consists of both theoretical and hands-on exercises to
ensure that the training objectives are met. The hands-on part is over
50% of the course.
There will be a theoretical and practical assessment as part of the
course. Participants must achieve a passing grade to qualify for
certification. Certification of this course - in addition to field
experience - will allow the participant to achieve the following qualification:

- Basic PROFINET -

Per person: 800,- EUR / 800,- CHF. Includes Lunch, break refreshments and one evening event.

Training dates
17.-18.01.17  Basic Industrial Ethernet (DE)
19.-20.02.17  PROFINET Technology Training (DE)
01.02.17        HART Technology Training (DE)
02.-03.02.17  WirelessHART Technology Training (DE)
02.-03.02.17  Basic Industrial Ethernet (EN)
08.-10.02.17  PROFIBUS Technology Training (EN)
13.-14.03.17  PROFINET Technology Training (EN)
15.-16.03.17  EtherNet/IP Technology Training (EN)
03.-04.04.17  PROFINET Technology Training (DE)
05.-06.04.17  EtherNet/IP echnology Training (DE)
25.-26.04.17  Certified PB Installer (DE)
08.-11.05.17  Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer (DE)
19.-23.06.17  Certified PROFIBUS DP/ PA Engineer (EN)
19.-23.06.17  Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer (EN) SINGAPORE

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Phone: +41 61 715 73 78

Endress+Hauser Process Solutions AG
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4153 Reinach
By: Michael Ulrich