PROFINET Commissioning & Maintenance course (VTC)
Reading, UK
United Kingdom

PROFINET Commissioning & Maintenance course

The one-day PROFINET Commissioning and Maintenance course provides practical training technicians and engineers who are involved with commissioning, health checking and fault finding on operational PROFINET systems. The course is also suitable for other Industrial Ethernet technologies. Each pair of students is provided with a rack of PROFINET devices and a laptop with software for device testing and fault finding. Equipment provided also includes managed switches with copper and fibre-optic connections, redunancy and network/performance monitoring devices.

Please note that the Certified PROFINET Installer course is an essential pre-requisite for this Commissioning & Maintenance course. The two courses can be taken together as a cost and time effective two-day package which is suitable for those who have no prior training in PROFINET or other Industrial Ethernet technology.


Certified PROFINET Installer and PROFINET Commissioning & Maintenance courses are being delivered by Verwer Training & Consultancy at a location in the Reading area.

Registration and booking

Bookings can be made by contacting Andy Verwer, Tel: +44 (0)1625, 871199 Mob: +44(0)7732 625584, Email:

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