PROFINET - Commissioning and Troubleshooting with Exam for Certified PROFINET Installer
Softing Industial Automation GmbH: Haar / Nürnberg



Softing developed this seminar for companies that need to commission PROFINET systems. The duration of the seminar is two and a half days.

The seminar includes an introduction to the basics of data transmission using Ethernet and to the PROFINET specification. 

A large part of the course is dedicated to practical exercises such as troubleshooting and network decline.
A half-day exam is held on the third day of the seminar to become Certified PROFINET Installer (CPNI). The third day will end around 2.p.m.

Participants who pass the exam will receive a certificate. 




  • Introduction to the basics of data transmission over Ethernet and to the PROFINET IO specification
  • Correct Installation
  • Grounding and EMC questions
  • Configuration and commissioning of a PROFINET network
  • Exchange and initialization of devices
  • PROFINET Realtime_CLASS_1 (RT) and (Realtime_CLASS_3 (IRT)
  • PROFINET IO timing considerations
  • Use of GSDML files for PROFINET IO devices
  • Measuring and auxiliary tools
  • Identification of failure
  • CPNI examination at the end of the seminar


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Softing Industrial Automation GmbH
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By: Stella Peng