HART Technology Training
Endress+Hauser Switzerland
01.02.2017, 07.08.2017, 28.11.2017

Course Content
This 1-day course provides a beginning understanding of HART fieldbus technology for the process automation industry.

The course is designed for field service engineers and technicians. It
is mandatory that the participant bring a laptop (preferably his/her
own service laptop) to the course with the latest version of FieldCare
and complete set of the latest DTMs installed.

Learning Objectives
1. Commissioning:
• Able to wire up an individual field device to the network
• Able to wire up a fieldbus segment to the network
• Able to assess the quality of the as-built fieldbus physical layer
• Able to configure FieldCare for HART
• Able to use FieldCare to set the necessary parameters in a field
• Able to integrate a field device into a DCS at a very basic level

2. Maintenance:
• Able to make appropriate suggestions about improving a customer`s
physical layer
• Understand basics of HART protocol

3. Diagnosis
• Able to troubleshoot the fieldbus physical layer using the most
important tools available on the market at the time of the course

Content Focus
Commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting networks involving HART.
This course is DAY 1 for service technicians.

PC Process Solutions specialists, service technicians and product

This course consists of both theoretical and hands-on exercises to
ensure that the training objectives are met. The hands-on part is over
50% of the course.
There will be a theoretical and practical assessment as part of the
course. Participants must achieve a passing grade of 70% to qualify for
certification. Certification of this course - in addition to field
experience - will allow the participant to achieve the following

- Basic HART -

Per person: 350,- EUR / 350,- CHF. Includes Lunch, break refreshments and one evening event.

Training dates
17.-18.01.17  Basic Industrial Ethernet (DE)
19.-20.02.17  PROFINET Technology Training (DE)
01.02.17        HART Technology Training (DE)
02.-03.02.17  WirelessHART Technology Training (DE)
02.-03.02.17  Basic Industrial Ethernet (EN)
08.-10.02.17  PROFIBUS Technology Training (EN)
13.-14.03.17  PROFINET Technology Training (EN)
15.-16.03.17  EtherNet/IP Technology Training (EN)
03.-04.04.17  PROFINET Technology Training (DE)
05.-06.04.17  EtherNet/IP echnology Training (DE)
25.-26.04.17  Certified PB Installer (DE)
08.-11.05.17  Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer (DE)
19.-23.06.17  Certified PROFIBUS DP/ PA Engineer (EN)
19.-23.06.17  Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer (EN) SINGAPORE

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Endress+Hauser Process Solutions AG
Christoph Merian-Ring 12
4153 Reinach
By: Michael Ulrich