Certified PROFINET Engineer course (VTC)
At Endress+Hauser training facility, Manchester M23 9NF. Also available on-site for groups of 6 to 12 people.
United Kingdom

The Certified PROFINET Engineer course is an in-depth three-day add-on to the Certified PROFINET Installer course that is suitable for a wide range of engineers working in a wide variety of industries. The course is suitable for anyone who is working at a technical level in automation and control systems. The course is suitable for people with no previous knowledge of Industrial Ethernet or other communication technologies. However those  who have undertaken previous PROFIBUS training will be off to a flying start.

Although the course only deals with PROFINET, it is also suitable for those working with other industrial Ethernet systems since much or the technology and many of the tools and techniques taught on this course are applicable to other technologies. People in the IT world often find themselves having to deal with PROFINET systems and this course is also suitable for those with an IT background.

Attendees work in pairs, each with their own rack of PROFINET IO devices, hand tools, cables and connectors, test tools and a with a modern laptop. Practical work features the following hand-on exercises:

  • Making and testing cables.
  • Setting up a network and sub-network.
  • Switch configuration and setup.
  • PROFINET system configuration. 
  • Ethernet and PROFINET frame analysis using Wireshark.
  • Handling errors and alarms.
  • Use of network management and diagnostic software.

Course outline

  • Basics of Ethernet, IEEE802.3, the ISO/OSI model, TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, Ping, and the Ethernet frame.
  • Network Addressing: MAC Address, IP Address, Subnet Mask and subnetting.
  • Network Infrastructure - switches, hubs, routers, gateways and firewalls
  • Switch features for industrial applications and PROFINET.
  • Monitoring Ethernet traffic with switch port mirroring or a network tap
  • Network topologies and wireless.
  • Network diagnostics using SNMP, DCP, DHCP and LLDP. Tools for network management.
  • PROFINET installation, cables and connectors. Cable testing. 
  • PROFINET IO: Device types, certification requirements, conformance classes.
  • Application Relations (AR’s) and Communication Relations (CR’s).
  • Device names and name setting.
  • Real Time (RT) communications, timing parameters and cycle times. Communication optimisation.
  • Isochronous Real Time (IRT) communications, IEEE 1588 V2, synchronisation, IRT communication classes, cycle time, jitter and frame scheduling/bandwidth optimisation.
  • Controller and device start-up sequence, fast start-up, troubleshooting.
  • Read and Write services, diagnostics and alarm handling.
  • Configuring a PROFINET system, GSDML files, use of PROFINET XML-Viewer.
  • Integration with fieldbus using a proxy.
  • Ethernet and PROFINET Frame analysis using Wireshark and other tools.
  • Additional features including redundancy, I&M functions etc.,

Registration and booking

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By: Andy Verwer