Advanced Industrial EtherNet
Endress+Hauser Switzerland
04.07.2017, 11.12.2017

Course Content
This 2-days training program provides an advanced introduction to industrial ethernet from the perspective of process automation.

Service support and field service technicians

Learning Objectives
1. Commissioning

• Able to combine and wire up the components necessary for the network
• Able to configure the gateways
Able to configure the communication client/server
2. Diagnosis
• Able to conduct basic troubleshooting

Content Focus
The course covers the components, topologies and protocols
relevant to the state-of-the-art ethernet used in process automation.
It takes the participants through a short history of the internet and
explains the basic concepts behind it.

The course emphasizes giving the participants as much practical experience as possible.


Per person: 800,- EUR / 800,- CHF. Includes Lunch, break refreshments and one evening event.

Training dates

19.-23.06.17     Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer (EN) SINGAPORE
04.-05.07.17     Advanced Industrial EtherNet (EN) CH
12.-14.07.17     Technology Training PROFIBUS DP/ PA (EN) CH
17.-19.07.17     Technology Training FOUNDATION Fieldbus (EN) CH
07.08.17            Technology Training HART (EN) CH
08.-09.08.17     Technology Training WirelessHART (EN) CH
22.-25.08.17     Certified Training for PROFIBUS PA Engineer (EN) SINGAPORE
10.-11.10.17      Certified Training for PROFIBUS Installer
30.10.-03.11.17 Certified Training for PROFIBUS DP/ PA Engineer (EN) CH
16.-17.11.17      Industrial EtherNet Training: PROFINET (EN) CH
21.-23.11.17      Technology Training FOUNDATION Fieldbus (EN) SINGAPORE
23.-24.11.17     Industrial EtherNet Training: EtherNet/IP (EN) CH
28.11.17            Technology Training HART (EN) CH
29.-30.11.17     Technology Training WirelessHART (EN) CH
06.-08.12.17     Technology Training PROFIBUS DP/ PA (EN) CH
06.12.17            Technology Training MODBUS (DE) CH
07.-08.12.17     Basic Industrial EtherNet (EN) CH
11.-13.12.17     Technology Training FOUNDATION Fieldbus (EN) CH
11.-12.12.17     Advanced Industrial EtherNet (EN) CH

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Phone: +41 61 715 73 78

Endress+Hauser Process Solutions AG
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By: Michael Ulrich