PROFINET - the leading Industrial Ethernet Standard

PROFINET has become the leading Industrial Ethernet Standard in the market. This globally established and future-oriented technology is supported by many product vendors, thus ensuring long-term availability and investment protection.

The number of PROFINET devices in use in the market has increased above average in recent years: 16.4 million devices were installed by the end of 2016, and the number continues to grow... 

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All Industries and Branches

PROFINET uses the same Ethernet as offices and IT departments. However, its capabilities have been enhanced to meet the far tougher conditions encountered in industrial applications.

Whether the application involves factory automation, process automation, or drives (with or without functional safety), PROFINET is the first choice across the board. As technology that is standard in the automotive industry, widely spread in machine building, and well-proven in the food and packaging and logistics industries, PROFINET has found its way into all application areas.

PROFINET is designed for all branches of industrial automation engineering: