A realization of PROFIdrive is based on an existing implementation of PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Depending on the chosen application class there are different functions realizable. 

In order to support device manufacturers a tested source code is provided by the industrialNETworX Community for free and can be integrated into devices. Thus, device manufacturers are able to integrate PROFIdrive quickly and efficiently into their devices.

To give you a short overview of the industrial NETworX Community Project and the currently available technology suppliers and service providers we compiled the most important information in the following flyer.

Your way to PROFIdrive 2016
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Many manufacturers around the world support the PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies as well as the PROFIdrive, PROFIsafe, and PROFIenergy profiles. To ensure the quality of devices, the PI Test Labs certify manufacturers‘ devices.









Fig.1: Conformity test with the PROFIdrive Profile Tester

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PI Training Centers and numerous technology providers and manufacturers offer workshops on PROFIBUS and PROFINET and their related profiles. For information and schedules, go to


Accredited PI Competence Centers around the world are available to help you in case of technical questions and support requests. For additional information on the technologies and on workshops, technical documentation (e.g., system descriptions) and products please visit our download section.
You can also obtain information about current topics and development activities on the web site at any time.