Sugar plant benefits from using PROFIBUS (Turkey)

Konya Seker, the largest private sugar producer in Turkey, put a new sugar factory into operation at the end of 2004. The factory is located in Cumra, in the highlands of Middle Anatolia, about 185 miles south of Ankara. The factory can process up to 12,000 tons of sugar beet per day, yielding about 1,500 tons of sugar. The new factory was the largest single project in the European sugar industry at the time. Goals of the plant aurtomation were (a) to install a highly modern plant and to set a new standard for the entire sugar industry and (b) to operate the production more cost-effectively than any other plant in the industry.

The solution is based on a uniform automation concept using Profibus as a fieldbus system.  The result is an open, efficient, and at the same time cost effective automation solution for the longterm. The process instruments (around 600 including 316 PA devices) are linked to the control system via PROFIBUS. PROFIBUS not only allows the transmission of the pure process signals, but also the transmission of all calibration data from the central engineering system after installation of the device on site. This approach considerably simplifies the engineering requirements: All of the instrumentation was configured by just one project engineer. In addition, PROFIBUS PA (PROFIBUS for Process Automation) transmits the power to the individual devices. Up to 32 measuring instruments can be connected to one line that is supplied by a coupling module, without marshalling distributors or signal conditioning. The field wiring work was therefore limited to an absolute minimum.
All field devices for measurements such as level, pressure, temperature, and flow, and all actuators, such as vents, valves, motors, and frequency converters, communicate with the control system via PROFIBUS.
The factory's control technology is based on the Simatic PCS 7 process control system throughout. Servers, operator systems, and all operating stations are networked by Industrial Ethernet. The main factory of Konya Seker in Konya is connected to the Cumra factory by an intranet link. A management information system (MIS) was installed in Konya and Cumra. It stores all the relevant process and laboratory data and generates all thereporting for the two factories, with extensive real-time reporting online.

The automation technology implemented at the sugar factory in Cumran provides the technical basis for optimized processes and cost-effective continuous operation of the factory. That became clear already during commissioning, as production was successfully brought up to maximum capacity within just a few weeks from zero to full steam. Easy commissioning, fast and centralized access from the operator, and improved resolution of the measured values have been recognized as important advantages of the PA devices.