PROFIBUS controls Oil Terminal telecommand system (Brazil)

In partnership with Automind (Automação Industrial Ltda., Brazil), PROFIBUS remote systems have been supplied to roll out a telecommand system for valves with electric actuators at the floating. Three docks are being installed for loading the tanker ships taking oil and gas from the Arará hub in Urucu to the foreign and Northern/Northeastern domestic markets.

In all, the system has approximately 60 valves, divided among three PROFIBUS networks.
The remote systems will be supplied with classified area Ex-d - protection and tropicalized electronic boards. The distribution of the remote systems is allocated in accordance with the valve placements. Each is used to control the opening torque of the valves from 0-100%, in maintenance mode and automatic remote operation, as well as diagnostic functions. The entire valve sequencing and alignment will be done with a SCADA system, to be inter-connected to the remote system using an Ethernet TCP/IP network. Owing to the difficult placement of the fixtures and electric ducts on the floating pier and the need to increase network availability, the remote system will have two PROFIBUS DP-V1 masters, operating in parallel.
In performance tests the communication network reached transmission rates of 12 Mbits, which generated an update of 120 operands close to 240 bytes per master in 0.48ms per housekeeping.

The application led to improvements in operations by way of better asset management using predictive maintenance. The resources for predictive and remote parameterization maintenance offered by PROFIBUS DP were fundamental to the implementation of the system.