PROFIBUS controlled pump assembly Line at GRUNDFOS (Denmark)

The Danish company GRUNDFOS is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality pumps and associated management and control systems. Their German office, which has its own Development, Production and Sales Departments, is located near Hamburg.To continue to ensure prompt deliveries through shorter production times, a new pump assembly line, which will produce 1000 pumps daily in two shifts, has been implemented.

Pumps are assembled in several stages such as locate pump housing, fit split ring, install pre-manufactured motor, etc.
150 pallets travel around the pump assembly facility carrying the components needed to assemble the pumps. Each pallet has its own code number which is read by each assembly station. The code number is passed to a PC, which transmits an appropriate text to the COROS TD 10 text Display or OP 20 Operator Panel installed at the relevant work station. The 80-line messages tell the operator how to assemble the pump.
Control of the system is handled by a SIMATIC S5-135U programmable controller, which is connected to 19 ET 200U distributed I/O stations via the PROFIBUS DP network. A second PROFIBUS DP network provides a high speed communications link between the text displays and operator panels.

The pump assembly line is spread out over a wide area (50 x 100 m). Employing conventional automation technology would have involved installing a large amount of wiring. The concept chosen enabled both wiring and commissioning costs to be reduced. This was achieved both through the use of the ET 200 and the PROFIBUS DP network as well as the COROS text displays and operator panels, which meant cables only had to be laid for the network and the 24 V supply. despite its large size, the whole facility was cabled within a week.