Field distributors for seamless communications at sugar factory

The engineers who designed the new sugar factory which is located near Cumra in Turkey were determined to establish a new level of technology standards in the industry. Given these ambitious goals, fieldbus technology was the only viable option for plant-wide automation, and Profibus was the solution of choice. Automation at the adjacent bioethanol plant followed the same pattern. Selection of the bus connectivity solution was a major design decision, and FBCon distributors have an impressive track record. Konya Seker is Turkey’s largest private sugar producer. The new sugar plant went into operation at the end of 2004. At the end of 2007, an integrated bioethanol production facility was erected at the complex to make animal feed and bioethanol from the waste products that accumulate during sugar production.

Cumra Bioethanol facility                                       FBCon fieldbus distributor

The decision to use Profibus for plant-wide automation was an important step in the right direction. Profibus provides seamless integration between the control system level and about 600 field devices, about half of which are PA devices. The bus carries process data traffic as well as all of the calibration information. This solution significantly reduces the engineering
workload. The systems and control stations are connected to an internal Industrial Ethernet network. The Profibus PA variant is designed specifically to meet the needs of process engineering, including power distribution on the bus and intrinsic safety.
All of the fieldbus devices in the sugar plant and the bioethanol facility are connected to the Profibus via Weidmüller FBCon fieldbus distributors. The distributor is connected to the higher-level Profibus DP network via a segment connector. In explosion hazardous areas, segments can be up to 1000 meters long, and maximum spur line length is 30 meters. The bus can be wired in a line, tree or star configuration. Up to 10 Profibus PA devices can be attached to one segment.

In a number of industries including food processing, primary industry and chemicals, field devices capture a variety of process data and send the information over Profibus PA to a controller or control system. The FBCon fieldbus connectivity system helps minimize the amount of time and material that is needed for installation, and it supports connection and monitoring of multiple instruments or sensors on Profibus PA via a fieldbus distributor.
With this solution, significant savings can be made.