Reliable operation of PROFINET CBA at Hennessy´s bottling plant... (France)

“Line 11”, the most important line at Hennessy’s La Vignerie bottling plant
for VS and VSOP cognac, had to be modernized.
PROFINET CBA was selected for this project.

Line 11 has been fitted with a redundant PROFINET CBA network linking sub-systems based on PROFIBUS and SIMATIC S7-300 PLCs.
Control ‘components’ on Line 11 interact by exchanging up to 200 data words over the network with a guaranteed cycle time of 50 ms. This facilitates a connection to the corporate Ethernet, enabling easy integration with individual modules of the Hennessy SAP ERP management system.
Line 11 consists of three conveyor systems and eight production machines based on PROFIBUS and each controlled with S7-300 PLCs, fitted with CPU 315-2 PN/DP interfaces to connect them to a redundant PROFINET ring via SCALANCE X204-2 switches. The first conveyor also has an X202-2IRT switch, which controls ring redundancy and self-restoral.

Configuring information exchange is straightforward: With PROFINET CBA, engineers can insert, swap or connect individual machines simply by dragging and dropping them in a graphical display – leading to significant time savings not only during the design phase but also when setting up the communications.
The CBA solution has also achieved high reliability and improved efficiency.