Coffee Production at Darboven Kaffee (Germany)

The J.J. Darboven Kaffee Company in Hamburg is one of the best known coffee roasters in Germany. The Hamburg factory roasts and packs coffee for such well known makes such as Idee Kaffee and Mövenpick. The factory produces more than 100 tons of coffee every day for retail outlets and catering. A decision was made to modernize the packing plant a couple of years ago. The aim was to reduce production costs and personnel by providing a standard plant structure, standardizing technical interfaces and improving diagnostics.

Short cycle times, user-friendliness and reliability were key factors when designing the plant. This is why Darboven Kaffee chose PROFIBUS for data transfer. Among other things, this allowed the valve islands to be installed directly at the machines. The valve islands are connected to the PLC's using only two wires: PROFIBUS-DP. This replaces the complex parallel cabling and considerably reduces installation and maintenance effort. PROFIBUS-DP is used to control the entire plant, including the material flow and the conveyor systems. The DP network is also used to acquire and manage the production data. The binary sensors and actuators are connected to the PROFIBUS-DP system using AS-Interface.

PROFIBUS has proven to be the ideal choice at Darboven Kaffee. The advantages of the state-of-the-art technology such as major space savings, minimum cabling costs, clarity, easy maintenance and low costs were clearly demonstrated. The high level of user-friendliness of the plant and improved diagnostics which allow rapid fault detection help to reduce downtimes and costs. Darboven has had exceptional success with this concept and now plans to convert the entire factory to the new control technology in stages.