BASF paints with PROFIBUS - a successful multi-venodr project (Brazil)

The BASF-Glasurit plant for pigments and painting producs located in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, demanded for extension and modernization, especially in process automation technology.

The responsible engineer team decided to install PROFIBUS PA technology. Smar was chosen as project partner because of its expertise in fieldbus and a long existing partnership.
This plant has evolved to one of the most successful chemical PROFIBUS PA installations in Brazil. Numerous PROFIBUS devices were implemented, including pressure and temperature transmitters, positioners and current to PROFIBUS PA converter from smar.
To complete this multi-vendor installation, a number of radar level and mass flow devices from Conaut/Krohne and several DP/PA couplers from P&F were also installed. In addition, there are two DCS Advant Controllers from ABB, two PLCs as DP Masters and the PDM from Siemens as a configuration tool. The BASF team together with Smar and Krohne performed configuration and commissioning of the 21 PA networks.
The project was completed in very short time and engineer Fernando Anguita Jr. believes that over 10% of the total project cost were eliminated by using PROFIBUS PA and because of the extraordinarily smooth startup which took approximately 2 weeks.

This project clearly shows the high performance of PROFIBUS PA technology and its high suitability for use in multi vendor installations. Devices from 5 different manufacturers work together and came to full operation in only two weeks.
Claudio Antonio Oliveira Correira, Maintenance Engineer of BASF stated: “We are sure that PROFIBUS together with Smar as partner was the right choice for BASF”.