Regional PI Associations

Regional PI Associations (RPAs) represent PI around the world. Each RPA acts independently to support PROFIBUS and PROFINET in its own region. Currently there are 25 of these local organisations all around the world.

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To get the contact data of the single RPAs please move the mouse pointer over the flags. By clicking on them, you will be directed to the RPA´s website.

Regionally engaged...

For members, the local RPA is the personal point of contact. RPAs have to meet a set of criteria laid down by PI and are responsible for building their own membership. They are also responsible for in-country activities promoting the PROFIBUS and PROFINET brands and technologies. These activities include marketing, trade fairs, seminars, workshops and press conferences, as well as local publications particularly where translations are needed. RPAs are a great 'first point of contact' for new developers and users.

RPAs maintain a close relationship with other localized activities, including PI Competence Centers (PICCs), Test Labs and Training Centers. Several times a year, RPAs meet to discuss common issues and be updated on latest developments.

Membership benefits include:

  • Be a PROFInetworker: Be part of PI´s global network and use it by influencing the future of PI and its technologies
  • Global technologies in good hands: PI manages the technical development for you and gives you ease access to technical documentations
  • Product promotion and sales through common and global marketing projects, including the on-line PRODUCT Finder
  • Free use of trademark logos and marketing materials
  • Network implementation and maintenance supported by experts and first-hand information
  • Information and training: educational opportunities including training and a global network of PICCs and PITCs
  • Faster and easier product development by free use of patents and technical documentations
  • Savings in product development: qualified certification support anf free of charge certificates for tested products

You need more detailed information about the member benefits? Please download the document below to read more.

To join the PI Community, start by visiting your local RPA (see world map above). Or, contact PI.

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