Certified People

PI, in cooperation with the Regional PI Associations and the PITCs, provides formalized training courses for persons seeking to become certified engineers or installers of PROFIBUS and PROFINET equipment.
The courses are held regularly throughout the year in many locations around the world. Please see here for a list of upcoming courses.

Certified Engineers or Installers can utilize the "Certified-logo" to confirm their status. Their names are also listed on this web site so that end users seeking support for their PROFIBUS or PROFINET networks can easily find a suitably qualified candidate. Using certified staff ensures that work is performed to the highest standards and by qualified personnel who are fully briefed in the latest techniques.

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A., Thomas XSTRATA - Canada CE
Aagard, Lars STILL GmbH - Germany CI
Aaij, P. Albemarle Catalysts Company B.V. - Netherlands CE
Aarts, Oscar Actemium - Netherlands CE
Abakar, Mohamed Osman Mohamed Zeta Automation Systems - Sudan CE CE
Abarzua Vásquez, Manuel Celulosa Arauco y Constitución - Chile CE
Abbenhuis, Oscar Procentec - Netherlands CI CE CP CE
Abbott, Jason Thyssenkrupp Talent Chassis - United Kingdom CI CE
Abboud, Alam CSL Limited - Australia CI
Abdenbi, Mohd E+H SEA CE CE
Abdolrahim, Kamal Zadeh MAPNA Power Plants Construction Development - Iran CE CP
Abdullah, Abdul Khalid MMU CE
Abdullah Shebaili, Abdulrahman ASM - Saudi Arabia CI CP
Abegglen, Matthias Switzerland CE
Abell, Lee Yorkshire Water Services - United Kingdom CI CE
Aboud, Leon Endress+Hauser - Switzerland CI CE
Aboutajeddine, Fahd Phoenix Contact - Germany CE
Abraham, J. ASM Establishment - South Africa CE
Abrahams, Etienne Endress+Hauser CI
Abrol, Manish Vanderlande Industries - United Kingdom CI CE
Acharya, Vijay Siemens - Canada CP
Achermann, Cyrill ControlTech Engineering AG - Switzerland CE
Achtelik, Andreas Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co.KG - Germany CE
Ackehurst, Daniel Adsyst Automation Limited - United Kingdom CI
Ackers, Michael Nomenca Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Acton, Kristen Electro-Matic Products Inc. - United States CE CE
Acuna, Juan Luminant - United States CE CP
Adair, Calum Livingston Gunn Projects Limited - United Kingdom CI
Adam, Tom Siemens AG - Germany CE
Adam, Walter Balluff, Inc. - United States CE
Adamo, Rick Ford Motor Company - United States CE
Adams, Bob Micro Motion CE
Adams, David J & J Electronics Inc. CE
Adams, Dean Vanderlande Industries - United Kingdom CI CE
Adams, Kai MAHLE Motorkomponenten GmbH - Germany CI
Adams, Mike Mitsubishi Polyester Film Group - United States CE CE
Adams, Paul Bosch Rexroth Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Adams, Robert Micro Motion - United States CE
Adams, Scott Brisbane Water - Australia CI CE
Adamson, Ken Johnson Matthey Process Catalysts & Technologies - United Kingdom CI CE
Adamson, Neil Nissan Manufacturing CI CE
Adcock, Karl Arla Foods - United Kingdom CI CI CE
Adda, Bilal Ismail BAE Systems Submarine Solutions - United Kingdom CI CE CI CE
Addala, Kiran GMBJV - United Kingdom CI
Adderley, Rob Cobevco (Quinn Glass) - United Kingdom CI
Adeane, Jaime Water Corporation - Australia CI CE
Adlard, David Earth Tech Engineering Limited - United Kingdom CE
Adler, Jörg PHOENIX CONTACT Software GmbH - Germany CE
Adler, Seth True North Automation - Canada CE
Adnan, Afizal ALSTOM Grid UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Adrian, Afizal ALSTOM Grid UK Ltd. - United Kingdom CI
Aebi, Stefan Berner Fachhochschule - Switzerland CE
Aeschimann, Peter Bern University of Applied Scienes - Switzerland CE
Affolter, Manuel Berner Fachhochschule - Switzerland CE
Afford, Steven Onesteel Whyalla Steelworks - Australia CI
Affronte, Michael Boeing - United States CE
Afghani, Saed CE
Afonso, Joáo Portucel Soporcel - Portugal CE CP
Aftanas, Michal SIEMENS s.r.o - Czech Republic CE
Agar, Jon Dairycrest Limited - United Kingdom CI
Agenor, Reginald Watson-Marlow - United States CI
Agersbaek, Claus Servomex - United Kingdom CI CE
Agodi, Giordano SIEMENS Spa - Italy CE CP
Agostin, Andreas Pepperl+Fuchs Pte Ltd CE
Aguilera, Francisco MELON S.A - Chile CI
Aguilera, Oscar Siemens - United States CP
Aguirre, Mike Komat S.L. - Spain CI
Agusoaei, Bogdan AMKP Ltd - United Kingdom CI CI CE
Ahly, Nino Brice EMIN LEYDIER - France CI
Ahmad, Nurdin Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services Pte Ltd - Singapore CI CE
Ahmad, Zeeshan Amazon UK - United Kingdom CI
Ahmed, Waseem United Utilities - United Kingdom CI CE
Ahuis, Dirk Vanderlande Industries - Netherlands CI
Aikman, Jeff Endress+Hauser SC Canada - Canada CP
Ainsworth, Andrew United Utilities - United Kingdom CI CE
Ajnkya Ulhas, Desai MMU MSc Student - United Kingdom CE CE
Akdemir, Özer Koray Siemens - Turkey CE
Akhiyad, Miloud Flamco Fexcon B.V. - Netherlands CE
Akkerman, H. Philips DAP Drachten - Netherlands CE
Akkermans, T. CSi Industries B.V. - Netherlands CE
Al Qahtani, Fahad ABB - Saudi Arabia CE
Al Salahi, Ali ABB - Saudi Arabia CE
Al Sawad, Haydar PROCENTEC - Netherlands CE CE
Al Shareef, Tariq ABB - Saudi Arabia CE
Al Yami, Salman ABB - Saudi Arabia CE
Al-Hilli, Z. PROCENTEC - Iraq CE CE
Al-Saif, Mahdi M. ABB - Saudi Arabia CE
Al-Suhaibani, Hassan ABB - Saudi Arabia CE
Alaca, Ulas Siemens - Turkey CE
Alampi, Dwayne ThyssenKrupp Krause, Inc. - United States CE
Alaoui, Mohamed Toufik HMS - France CE
Alavayay Villalobos, Roberto Patricio Minera Centinela - Chile CI
ALBA, Christophe OMYA - France CI
Albeely, Alaa Eldin Hamad Abdulrahman Zeta Automation Systems - Sudan CE CE
Albert, Stefan WEMA VOGTLAND Technology GmbH - Germany CI
Albrecht, Markus Steinmann Anglo Platinum CI
Albrecht, Roland GAT - Germany CE
Albrizio, Simone Kubler Italia srl - Italy CE
Albuquerque Pinheiro, Lucas e DLG Automação - Brazil CE
Aldridge, Jason Bechtel National Inc. CE
Aldridge, Michael Profibus Trade Organization CE
Aldridge, Simon Ocado Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Aleixandre, Raphael Delphi Diesel - France CI
Alejaga, Ruel Mitsubishi Electric Automation CE
Alessandrini, Paola A2A Partenopeambiente - Italy CE
Alessandroni, Valerio Studio Alessandroni - Italy CE CE
Alexander, David Gillette UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Alexander, James Highland Spring CI
Alexander, Paul United Kingdom CI CE
Alexander, Tony Honeywell Process Solutions Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Alfaro Villalobos, Patricio Hernan Minera Centinela - Chile CI CI
Alho, Pekka ABB Oy - Finland CE
Alhy, Nino Brice EMIN LEYDIER - France CI
Alison, Gordon Black & Veatch - United Kingdom CI
Allan, David Vauxhall Motors - United Kingdom CI CE
Allan, Fraser Black & Veatch - United Kingdom CI
Allan, Lee Barden Control Systems Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Allaraz, Maxime Hager Electro SAS - France CI
Allart, M. Siemens sa/nv - Belgium CE
Allason, Lee Imtech Process Ltd CI
Alle, Laurent GRTGAZ - France CI
Allen, James Contact Auto Technical Services Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Allen, Rodney Johnson Matthey x CE
Allen, Stuart MEC Electrical Contractors - United Kingdom CI CE
Allison, Geoff Masterfoods - United Kingdom CI CE
Almond, Dave Site Electrical Ltd CI
Almond, James Northrop Grumman - United States CE
Alonso, Frank ATI Industrial Automation - United States CE
Alqatanani, Bashir MEMCO - Middle East Factory for Machines Co.Ltd. - Saudi Arabia CE
AlShammari, Mushaileh SABIC - Saudi Arabia CI CE
Alston, Kenneth Boulting Group Plc - United Kingdom CI CE
Alsunna, Tha'er Siemens - United Kingdom CI CE CI CE
Alvarez, Daniel AQUALOGY - Spain CI
Alvarez, Lino Browns Hill Engineering and Control - United States
Alves, Chris Baker Hughes Inteq - United Kingdom CI CE
Alves da Silva, José SIEMENS - Brazil CI CE
Alves de Castro, Anderson CQG Construções OffShore S.A / Quip S/A - Brazil CE
Alves Pereira Junior, Glauberio ABB - Brazil CI CE
Alves Souza, Daniel ABB - Brazil CI CE
Alvo, Francisco Portucel Soporcel - Portugal CE CP
Amarandei, Dan Siemens Dematic CE
Amaratunga, Dunstan Sepala Salcon Engineering Berhad CP
Amare, Ted Kaiku Ltd. - United Kingdom CI CE
Amaresan, Surendhran Endress & Hauser - United Kingdom CI
Ambrico, Giuseppe SUDELETTRA SpA - Italy CI
Ambühl, Peter Bern University of Applied Science - Switzerland CE
Amiot, Guillaume Sidel Inc CE
Amir, Mohammadnejad MAPNA Power Plants Construction Development - Iran CE CP
Amis, Harry Birse Water - United Kingdom CI CE
Ammann, Daniel Endress + Hauser Process Solutions AG - Switzerland CE
Amorntrakul, Sukhum ProSoft Technology - United States CE
Amoroso, Sabino Delta Controlli Srl CE
Amrogowicz, Janusz Poland CE
Ams, Chris Iluka Resources - Australia CI CE
Ams, Michael Fritz Kübler GmbH - Germany CE
Amstutz, André Stöcklin Logistik AG - Switzerland CE
Anastacion Junior, Darwin Netmaster Automation - Brazil CE
Anderegg, Michael Berner Fachhochschule - Switzerland CE
Anderle, Tobias Amazon Pforzheim GmbH - Germany CI
Andersen, Magne AD Elektronikk - Norway CI CE
Anderson, Eric SC CA E+H - Canada CE
Anderson, James PURAC CI CE
Anderson, Layne Canada Post - Canada CE CP
Anderson, Richard AWC Inc. - United States CE
Anderson, Robin Aylesford Newsprint - United Kingdom CI CE
Andersson, L. The Absolut Company AB - Sweden CE
Andersson, N. The Absolut Company AB - Sweden CE
Andre, Frédéric Phoenix Contact - France CE
Andreas, Nils Endress+Hauser - Germany CE
Andrew, Laverick Galliford Costain Atkins - United Kingdom CI
Andrew, Shaun Nomenca - United Kingdom CI
Andriessen, L.T. N.V. Nutricia - Netherlands CE
Andryszczak, Jacek Procter and Gamble Operations Polska Sp. z o.o. - Poland CE
Ang, Irene Dowell Schlumberger International Inc. - Singapore CP
Angel, Fernández Logitek - Spain CE
Angeloti, Leandro Rafael RAM Net System - Brazil CI CE
Angermann, Maurice Siemens AG - Germany CI CE
Angus, John National Oilwell Varco - United Kingdom CI
Anin, Vladimir Fuji CI
Anioekiewicz, Krzysztof CE
Annamalai, Manickam CNA Engineers Pte Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Anneveld, J.A.P. Siemens Nederland N.V. - Netherlands CE
Anselm, Wadim CemeCon AG CI
Anson, Steven Stanson Industries - United Kingdom CI
Antero, Martin Salmeón Siemens S.A. - Spain CE
Antichi, Giovanni Sistemi industriali di Giovanni Antichi - Italy CE CE
Antonioni, Massimo Enel S.p.A. - Italy CE
Apon, Y. Pieralisi Benelux B.V. - Netherlands CI
Appanna, Julien Sasol - South Africa CE
Appavou, Raghunathan MCS Control Systems Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Appleton, Phil National Oceanography Centre - United Kingdom CI
Apprill, Charles Siemens AG Energy Sector CE
Aquilera Canto, Jaime Celulosa Arauco y Constitución - Chile CI
Aranda Orellana, Cristian Codelco Norte - Chile CI CE
Araneda, Jose Sighting Ltda. - Chile CI
Araya Araya, Marco Antonio Minera Centinela - Chile CI CI
Araya Torres, Cristian Minera Esperanza - Chile CI
Arbogast, Bruno SOCOREM CI
Arceo, Emmanuel ASCO CE
Arch, Helen Cobevco (Quinn Glass) - United Kingdom CI CE
Archer, Alan Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
ARCHER, Pascal COURBON - France CI
Archibald, Andrew DRS Power & Control Technologies - United States CE
Aremia, Mike Turbomach CE
Arenas, Javier MINERA ESPERANZA - Chile CI
Arendale, Daryl B. Industrial Control Solutions CE
Arens, Martin Midcoast Water - Australia CI
Argyle, Paul GE Healthcare - United Kingdom CI CE
Arkell, Richard Balfour Beatty - United Kingdom CI CE
Armella, Reinaldo Codelco Division Gabriela Mistral - Chile CI
Armstrong, Aaron Bridges Electrical Engineers Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Armstrong, John United Kingdom CI CE
Armstrong, Mark EMC Industrial Group Ltd - Australia CI CE
Armstrong, Neil Fortescue Metals Group - Australia CI
Arndt, Michael Wild Flavors Berlin - Germany CE
Arnheiter, Frank Danfoss GmbH - Germany CE
Arnold, Markus RWE Gasspeicher GmbH - Germany CE
Arnold, Wayne Ocado Ltd - United Kingdom CE
Arnott, George National Oilwell Varco - United Kingdom CI CE
ARNOUX, Bruno OMYA - France CI
Aron, Marius Star Assembly S.R.L. - Romania CI
Arondi, Stefano Automazioni Capitanio - Italy CE
Arora, Dushyant Kuka Robotics Corporation - United States CE
Arrandale, Robert Manchester Airport Plc CI CE
Arrepol Saldias, Mauricio Eduardo CIA Siderurgica Huachipato - Chile CI
Arseneau, Denis Endress+Hauser - Canada CE
Arthur, Moore Cargill UK x - United Kingdom CE
Artur, Groszewski CE
Arun, Natraj Tyco Flow Control Pacific - Australia CI
Arunachalam, Bala Molex Canada - Canada CE CD
Arusu, k. Thaningai Pepperl+Fuchs Pte Ltd CE
Ascherl, Chris Monsanto - United States CE
Ashbrooke, Deborah United Kingdom CI CE
Ashburn, Nancy Watson-Marlow - United Kingdom CI CE
Ashby, Paul CE
Ashcroft, Tam Cleveland Systems Engineersing Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Ashley, Adam Yorkshire Water Services - United Kingdom CI
Ashraf, Sohail United Kingdom CI
Ashton, Paul Boulting Group - United Kingdom CI
Ashurst, Michael AB InBev UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Ashwood, Elfyn Tycon Automation Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Ashworth, Bain Phoenix Contact - United States CE
Ashworth, Craig Control System Instegrations - United Kingdom CI CE
Ashworth, Mark Unilever UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Ashworth, Matthew Vapormatt Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Aspinal, Wayne Thames Water - United Kingdom CI
Aspinall, Wayne Thames Water - United Kingdom CE
Assal, Walid Vapormatt Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Assmann Johnson, Rodrigo Endress+Hauser Chile CP
Assone, Albert NKE Automation S.r.l. - Italy CE
Astbury, Benn Cambi UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Astell, David Ultra Electronics - United Kingdom CI
Astorga De La Fuente, Carlos Minera Gaby - Chile CE
Astruc, Sébastian AGILiCOM CE
Atallah Aloufi, Sameer ASM - Saudi Arabia CI CP
Ather, Mirza Cobevco (Quinn Glass) - United Kingdom CI CE
Atherton, Alan United Utilities - United Kingdom CI CE
Atherton, Andrew AA (York) Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Atherton, Mark Vauxhall Motors - United Kingdom CI CE
Atkins, Daniel Intelligrated - United States CI
Atkins, Michael Westbury Dairies - United Kingdom CI CE
Atkinson, Mark Watson-Marlow Pumps Group - United States CE
Atta, Ammar ASM - Saudi Arabia CI CE CP CI CE
Attenborough, Michael Brainboxes Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Auduberteau, Franck Invensys Systems CI
Augenstein, H. ABB CE
Augenstein, Herbert AUHE - Germany CD
Auger, Julien AGILiCOM - France CI CE CP CE
August, Daniel Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
Augusto, Eduardo Antonio Domecio Portucel Soporcel - Portugal CE
Augusto Ribeiro, Carlos DLG AUTOMAÇÃO INDUSTRIAL - Brazil CI CE
Augustus, John MMU - United Kingdom CI CE
Aujeska, Kornelia Mettler-Toledo GmbH - Switzerland CE
Ault, Neil Farebrother Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Ausa, Egbert Allan C. Emerson Process Management CE
Austin, David Kone Escalators - United Kingdom CI CE
Austin, Jonathan Trident Automation, Inc. - United States CE CP
Auth, Holger Softing Industrial Automation GmbH - Germany CI CI
Auty, David Thames Water Utilities - United Kingdom CI
Aveiro Pinto, Rui Pedro Duque Portucel Soporcel - Portugal CE
Avendano Munoz, Luis Minera Esperanza - Chile CI
Avice, David SSA Marine - United States CE
Aviolat, Jean Luc CIMO - Switzerland CI
Awad, Ramez Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA - Germany CE
Aykan, Cemalettin TRUMPF Hüttinger GmbH + Co. KG - Germany CE
Ayling, Stephen BAE Systems Submarine Solutions - United Kingdom CE
Ayres, Joe Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE CE
Azarkan, A. Endress+Hauser B.V. - Netherlands CE
AZE, Christophe ROBERT BOSCH - France CI
Azmoud, Aziz Endress+Hauser PCM - Germany CE
Azria, Gauthier Evere - France CI