With PROFINET IO all the Way to the Field

Karlsruhe ? 19 April 2004:

PROFINET IO brings Ethernet all the way to the field level. This allows for an integrated communication in automation systems?from the sensor level up to the MES level.

When developing PROFINET IO not only the innovative potentials of Ethernet and IT standards were utilized, but also the many years of experience of the PROFIBUS technology. In PROFINET IO, similar to PROFIBUS DP, the field devices are assigned to a PLC in the device and network project planning. The peripheral signals of the field devices are cyclically read into the PLC, where they are processed and subsequently issued to the field devices. The data exchange is carried out based on the provider-consumer model common in the Ethernet world.

PROFINET enables real-time and IT communication simultaneously on one line, while reaching the real-time performance class of today?s PROFIBUS DP systems using standard components.

PROFINET IO utilizes the device model known from PROFIBUS DP and offers the user the same views and handling in net data exchange, diagnostics, parameter setting, and project planning. This allows the PROFINET user to fully utilize his know-how of PROFIBUS DP, thereby avoiding barriers in the use of PROFINET.

The possibility of being able to operate the same decentralized peripheral devices with merely different interface modules, for PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET IO, provides manufacturers and users with a high degree of investment security.

In addition to the previously adopted specification for PROFINET IO, the test specification for device identification was made available in a review version just recently. The obligation for certification of PROFINET products guarantees a high level of quality and interoperability from the start.

More than 30 PROFINET devices are already shown in the setting of a multi-vendor presentation at the PROFIBUS joint exhibition stand of this year?s Hannover Trade Fair.

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