Web-based training for PROFINET
New offer supports users in planning their systems

PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is offering for the first time a web-based training for planning PROFINET systems. It is based on the PROFINET Planning Guideline.

The PROFINET Planning Guideline is already today helping PROFINET automation system planners by making it easier for them to perform professional system planning. In so doing, it provides a central thread for step-wise planning of the system. This procedure has now been prepared in a form suitable for web-based training. The web-based training will introduce the user gradually to the planning of PROFINET technologies. The user will be guided step-by-step through the planning process using example systems and other aids. The training focuses especially on the topics topology, performance, network load, cycle times, assignment of device parameters as well as name and address assignments.

The web-based training provides a new opportunity to convey information in a particularly descriptive manner, beyond what is possible with conventional teaching tools, like lectures, printed documents, or presentations. Technical concepts can be presented more clearly using animation, settings can be changed in the processes at the press of a button, and complex subjects can be explained in a stepwise fashion. At the same time, the web-based training is not intended to replace the certified training courses, but rather to increase the know-how and interest of participants in PROFINET technologies.

The web-based training is available in German and English at:



By: Weber