User organizations promote EDDL development

Karlsruhe, July 04, 2005:

The Fieldbus Foundation (FF), Hart Communication Foundation (HCF), OPC Foundation (OPC) and PROFIBUS International (PI) will jointly develop EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language).

The common project EDDL was initiated by the four user organizations and renowned manufacturers of process control systems. At the Hanover Fair 2005 a team was founded to further develop EDDL technology, thus creating a test specification and test procedures for a compliance test and implementing all extensions into the IEC standards. A steering committee consisting of delegates from the four user organizations determines further activities.

EDDL, internationally standardized in IEC 61804-2, is the most common integration method to implement field devices into automation systems. 1,000 field device types from more than 100 manufacturers are described by EDDL. More than 15 million FF, Hart and PROFIBUS field devices based on EDDL have been installed worldwide. Since the beginning of 2004, the three EDDL specifications from the user organizations FF, HCF and PI are combined in the international standard IEC 61804-2. This standard harmonizes and enhances the contents of the existing specifications.

Last year, important enhancements to the EDDL method were integrated by the EDDL cooperative project. In future, devices to be developed will use consistent graphic elements independent of the organization and the operating system. These elements will be activated on the screen using an EDDL call. The previous complicated programming ? often for several operating systems ? is no longer necessary. These EDDL enhancements will extend IEC 61804-2.

Electronic Device Descriptions (EDDs) created by Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) for a field device support the management of intelligent field devices. Typical tasks such as operation, parameterizing and diagnostics can thus be solved efficiently. EDD describes product features which serve as a basis for the entire electronic product data management from planning to engineering, set-up, maintenance and diagnostics and the disintegration of a plant. EDDs are ASCII files. They primarily contain the description of all device parameters and their attributes (e.g. lower/upper value range, default value, write rights) and device functions, e.g. for the plausibility check, scaling, mode changes or tank characteristics. EDDs also include a grouping of device parameters and functions for visualization and a description of transferable data records.

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