The Water Event 2009 - Innovation in real time systems

With the increased use of PROFIBUS in the UK Water Industry, The PROFIBUS Group is pleased to announce its assocation with the IET at its' annual Water Event where Robin Lennox of South West Water and member of The PROFIBUS Group's Steering Committee will be one of the main speakers and sure to give PROFIBUS a good mention!


The 7th IET Water Event comes at a decisive point in time when the UK water Industry is planning significant regulatory and technological changes to cope with future challenges.


Are you well informed about the current developments? Do you know how other water companies are gearing up? This opportune event presents a platform to assess and benchmark water companies? approaches to the impending AMP5 and PR09.


Hear from Keith Mason, Director of Regulatory Finance in OFWAT present an update on the processes and what key issues need to be resolved. Additionally, Nick Williams, eSCADA Implementation Manager, Severn Trent will give a preview of the progress and latest programme for the launch of the DNP3-WITS Protocol Standard and a demonstration of interoperability between DNP3-WITS enabled prototypes.


You will also hear about the innovative procurement perspectives from Lorraine Morton of United Utilities. Kerry Thomas Associate Director for Research and Training Environmental KTN will present innovative technologies towards chemical free water and wastewater treatment.


Hear from other key industry players including:

? Lorraine Morton, United Utilities Plc

? Kerry Thomas, Environmental KTN

? Charles Williams, Grontmij

? Robin Lennox, South West Water (and member of The PROFIBUS Group's Steering Committee)

? John Zubak, UReason UK Ltd.

? Dr William Barber, UU Engineering


Register now to save £70 on your ticket and ensure you don?t miss out on your chance to share ideas and experiences with other key water industry players.

By: Squirrell