The network of PI technologies

The PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) booth at this year's Hanover Fair (April 25 - 29, 2016) will feature the motto "PROFINET - The Backbone of Industry 4.0". Visitors can experience currently available technologies for real-time communication and data networking in various presentations and hold discussions with experts on the spot. The booth of the PI Community (Hall 9, Booth D68) is situated directly on the "Automation & IT Tour". All you have to do is follow the red carpet.

The new PROFINET campaign on device variety is starting just in time for the Hanover Fair. PROFINET is now widely used beyond applications in the automotive industry and is established worldwide throughout production automation and drive technology. Users need a variety of devices that offer PROFINET for their systems. Experts at the PI booth will show how PROFINET can be flexibly integrated in devices.

A live demonstration will be dedicated to process automation. New PROFINET devices will be shown in use. PROFINET field devices, such as encoders, recorders, and flow meters, will be directly integrated in the instrumentation and control system. New proxies show how the technologies of PI provide end users with investment protection for existing systems. For example, new gateways from PROFINET to PROFIBUS PA are available.

A new live demonstration of PROFIsafe consists of a combination of live applications and a device wall. The variety of PROFIsafe products for PROFIBUS and PROFINET, their interaction, and the practical application of safety-related communication between three F-hosts of different manufacturers will be demonstrated. The functioning demo will show optical and electromechanical sensors, I/O modules, F-PLC, gateway, and drives.

IO-Link will showcase itself with a new record of over 170 devices from more than 40 manufacturing companies. This impressive product variety will give visitors to the booth a small glimpse into the IO-Link devices available on the market.

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By: Weber