Technology Support at PROFINET

Technology Support at PROFINET

The large number of PROFINET applications with products of various members of PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) establishes that PROFINET has proven to be reliable in practice, which has lead to the fact that the number of device manufacturers who want to develop units with PROFINET interfaces is continuously increasing.


All necessary basic technologies as well as a wide range of services of different suppliers are available for efficient development of PROFINET products. This includes in particular ASICs which are offered by several manufacturers and ensure a perfect integration of PROFINET in any products. For software-oriented solutions, communication stacks are available for a number of different operating systems. Moreover, hardware modules and/or boards as well as PC cards are on offer for the implementation of PROFINET. Competent partners offer services which can be matched to the individual needs of the device manufacturers. These services range from seminars, trainings as well as hardware development, software integration or implementation to complete product development. The certification procedure set up at PI, which has proven to be very efficient for PROFIBUS, guarantees a high quality of the products at all times.


On account of the wide availability of the PROFINET technology as well as the existing scope of services, the integration of PROFINET into products causes little outlay and is inexpensive for device manufacturers.

By: Weber