Successful Standards in China

Successful Standards in China

Nuremberg ? November 29, 2006: The Chinese PROFIBUS Organization (CPO) and their umbrella organization PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) are recording great success in standardizing their technologies in China. PROFIBUS has now become the first fieldbus to achieve China?s highest possible national standard level (GB/T).


National regulations and standards play an important role in the Chinese market and the structure of Chinese standards is, therefore, complex. Different sectors of industry have different sector standards; for example, JB is the sector standard for the machine-building industry. Then there is also the generally binding GB/T national standard, which applies to the entire industry and is not sector-specific. A GB/Z, which is a non-binding, temporary recommendation similar to the IEC TR (Technical Report), is available for new technologies, and can be converted into a binding GB/T national standard after probation. PROFIBUS has now, after several years with the status JB/T (JB/T 10308.3-2001 and 2005), achieved the highest status of a GB/T (GB/T 20540.1-2006 - GB/T 20540.6-2006). PROFINET is being issued as a GB/Z by the Standardization Administration of China (GB/Z 20541.1/2 -2006).


PROFIBUS and PROFINET are the leading communication systems in the Chinese automation market. For both technologies the market shares are constantly growing. The applications in which they are used cover a wide variety of industries: PROFIBUS and PROFINET are applied in China in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and tobacco industries, as well as in water and waste water, and the oil, gas and refining fields.


A PI Competence Center and Test Laboratory has been set up and running in China since 2002. Due to PROFIBUS's growing success, a second PI Competence Center has now been set up at the ITEI (Instrumentation Technology & Economy Institution) in Beijing, a test laboratory for fieldbus technologies authorized by the state. The PI Competence Centers offer local support, advice and training, as well as development services related to PROFIBUS. The accredited test laboratory (PITL) in Beijing tests - along with test labs in Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and the USA - PROFIBUS devices in accordance with uniform and globally standardized test specifications of PI.


The successful efforts to standardize PROFIBUS and PROFINET, as well as the expansion of the regional Support Center, will push the further rapid growth of these technologies in China.

By: Weber