Successful standardization in Korea

Korea PROFIBUS Association (KPA) and PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) have succeeded in standardizing their technologies in South Korea. On December 30, 2011, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) announced both PROFINET and PROFIBUS as Korean standards (Korean Standards Nos. KS C 61784-1, KS C 61158-3-3, KS C 61158-4-3, KS C 61158-5-3, and KS C 61158-6-3 were assigned for PROFIBUS DP and PA, and KS C 61784-1, KS C 61784-2, KS C 61158-5-10, and KS C 61158-6-10 were assigned for PROFINET).

“We are pleased that the PROFIBUS and PROFINET communication technologies, which have already been successfully introduced in Korea, have now been adopted as national standards,“ stated Young-Sik Cha, Chairman of the Korea PROFIBUS Association. “The standards apply to PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA, and PROFINET, as well as to applications for process automation.” The communication technologies of PROFIBUS and PROFINET International are the only ones that can meet the specific requirements of industrial applications, regardless of the industry sector, ranging from process and production automation to real-time applications with PROFINET.

KPA has been present in the Korean market since 1999 and together with its 44 member companies is one of the most active groups in the Asian market. Result: PROFIBUS and PROFINET have been among the leading fieldbuses in the Korean automation market for years, as evidenced by the government-owned company K-Water. These technologies are also constantly growing in the fields of steel, automobiles, shipbuilding, semiconductors, chemicals, and heavy industries.

Continued strong growth of PROFIBUS and PROFINET in Korea can be expected as a result of their successful adoption as standards and the expansion of the regional Support Center.


By: Weber