Strong Presence in China

Strong Presence in China

The CPO (Chinese PROFIBUS Organisation) is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Since its foundation, the CPO, which counts in the meantime more than 150 members, has been very successful in promoting PROFIBUS and PROFINET in China, which is the major goal of the organisation. An important step for the acceptance in the Chinese market was the standardization of PROFIBUS, PROFIsafe and PROFINET as Chinese GB/T and GB/Z standards, which was achieved last year.


Two PI Competence Centers, the CPCC and the newly founded ITEI, both in Beijing, support CPO in all technical matters. Development and certification of devices in China are supported by PI Test Lab in Beijing, where more than 25 devices have been tested since its accreditation. The second PI Test Lab at ITEI in Beijing has been accredited these days.

By: Weber