PI Press Conference on March 15, 2010 in Germany Statements of the guest speakers

Volker Bibelhausen
Director of the Automation Business Unit,
Phoenix Contact Electronics, Bad Pyrmont

“The Chinese New Year celebration in February 2010 heralded in the "Year of the Tiger". This is the ideal occasion to introduce the Tiger project of Phoenix Contact: In coordination with Siemens, Phoenix Contact will make available the first prototypes of the TPS1 in September 2010. The TPS1 is a highly integrated single-chip ASIC for easy connection of compact devices and drives to Profinet controllers. The block is future-proof because it takes into consideration RT and IRT as well as all extensions of the real-time Ethernet standard. Through the partnership with Siemens, it is ensured that the TPS1 is fully compatible with the current Profinet specification and the Profinet specification V2.3 expected in August 2010, as well as the Ertec 200, Ertec 400 and successor ASICs. The Tiger chip complements these two ASICs optimally by rounding out the basic technology range of Profinet on the low end.

Phoenix Contact has brought its extensive experience to bear to the TPS1 based on its development of the Interbus system, while at the same time introducing new ideas for enhancing the performance of Profinet. With the Tiger chip, even small and simple field devices can be connected to Profinet cost-effectively. We are confident that the incremental availability of prototypes, followed by production samples, and finally by series ASICs will strengthen the Profinet real-time Ethernet protocol to become the worldwide standard. 2010 is the “Year of the Tiger” and we look forward to continued positive development of Profinet technology.”

First device with PROFIenergy profile to be presented at Hanover Fair 2010

“Energy costs have been rising continuously for years. Therefore it was predictable that operators are increasingly calling for more energy-efficient machines and system concepts. Phoenix Contact took up this request early on and encouraged, as early as 2008 at the 13th Industrial Communication Congress, the specification of an energy management standard for reducing energy consumption, especially during idle times.


PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) picked up on these requests and suggestions and, together with its member companies, quickly developed a corresponding profile for Profinet, called PROFIenergy. Phoenix Contact supports PROFIenergy as one of the most important standards for energy management of automation systems. The profile has been implemented for the first time in the new modular Gigabit switch of Phoenix Contact, which will be presented at Hanover Fair 2010. Additional devices will follow, with the goal of making the entire Profinet portfolio of Phoenix Contact available in PROFIenergy-compliant versions.”

Uwe Ruttkamp
Director Product and System Management SIMATIC
Siemens AG

Uwe Ruttkamp PROFINET technology of Siemens

“Similar to its well-proven offer for PROFIBUS for many years, Siemens also offers a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services, ASICs, firmware, and development packages for PROFINET device manufactures.

The basis for this is the well-proven PROFINET technology in our own devices, in particular, the ERTEC ASIC. The development of these ASICs and firmware as well as the many years of participation in the standardization working groups of PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is evidence of our PROFINET expertise that we have brought to bear in the joint development project for TPS1. We plan to also use the new ASIC in the future in devices of our product portfolio, such as in compact IOs. Thus, the TPS1 represents another important step for rounding out the device technology in PI.“

PROFIenergy at Siemens

“Siemens participated in developing the PROFIenergy specification, while simultaneously starting work on implementing an initial solution to meet user requirements. Through downloadable function blocks, users can easily implement the PROFIenergy functions in a SIMATIC CPU. In addition to that these functions are also available on PC based solutions. For the I/O, there will be ready-made modules with PROFIenergy integrated. The PROFIenergy technology is an important part of our “green” portfolio and underlines our contribution to sustainable environmental protection and energy savings.”

Additional graphics

The new single-chip ASIC TPS1 of Phoenix Contact is fullly compatible with the current Profinet specification and with the Profinet specification V2.3 expected in August 2010.

First devices with PROFIenergy to be presented at Hanover Fair 2010, e. g. the modular Gigabit switch of Phoenix Contact.

PROFIenergy has also already been implemented in the ET 200S of Siemens. This device will be shown at the Hanover Fair 2010 as well.

By: Weber