Statements of PROFINET technology providers

Hans-Juergen Hilscher
Managing Director
Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

“The four netwHans-Juergen Hielscherork controllers of the netX family are scaled to performance and I/O functions and for the universal technology platform for PROFINET IRT and all other Real-Time Ethernet systems. With their associated device or controller stack and a configuration tool based on the FDT/DTM standard, they are being used in well-known companies including on devices made by Hilscher. The IRT device stack is certified and is available free of charge on the netX Community Platform Detailed documentation is provided for implementation in your own devices, thus avoiding the development risks when loadable firmware is used. Alternatively, Hilscher offers a design-in service at fixed terms.”

Michael Volz,

Managing Director
HMS Industrial Networks GmbH

Michael Volz

“The availability of highly-integrated, cost-effective basic technology components is an important prerequisite for the further international dissemination of PROFINET. With the Anybus NP30 processor, the core of our ready-to-install Anybus communication modules, HMS is currently offering its customers an attractive solution for PROFINET applications with conformity class “B”.  With the new Tiger chip, a highly-integrated and favourably priced basic technology is now available for conformity class “C”, as well. We can well imagine developing PROFINET communication modules for conformity class “C” in the future based on the Tiger chip. Accordingly, our customers can select the optimum Anybus communication module for every application and benefit from the advantages of technological innovations without additional development expenses on their part.”

Wolfgang Hopfes

Head of Product Marketing
Softing AG

Wolfgang Hopfes

“Softing is one of the world's leading providers of industrial communication solutions and products. With our combination solution of protocol software and FPGA hardware, we are offering our customers a maximum of independence and flexibility. With this solution, we are protecting their investments, regardless of whether they are using PROFINET or another protocol or if the specification is changed. In this way, Softing ensures the customer's demand for a high degree of flexibility at an attractive price both today and in the future.”

Klaus-Peter Willems

Managing Director
TMG Technologie und Engineering GmbH

Klau-Peter Willems

“TMG Technology and Engineering GmbH is a service provider in the industrial communication field and supports PROFINET, PROFIBUS and IO-Link technologies, as well as fieldbus and Ethernet systems based on own protocol stacks and engineering tools. We integrate technologies into the devices of our customers. For PROFINET, in particular, we implement devices with RT protocol on small microcontrollers, including with two Ethernet ports.”


By: Weber