Statement Joerg Freitag, PI Chairman: PROFINET for all applications

“In PROFINET Specification V2.3, mechanisms have been defined that make communication with PROFINET even faster: Fast Forwarding, Dynamic Frame Packing, and Fragmentation. With these mechanisms and the resulting possibility of cycle times as short as 31.25 µs, PROFINET is further expanding its position as the leading Industrial Ethernet Standard.

PI acclaims this hardware-based performance upgrade that we are presenting today, and we expect it to be widely accepted in the industry. We see applications for the new technology in fast closed-loop control systems, such as as motion control, and in measuring technology, for example.

As a result of the new ASIC, the total technology offer of device-based integration of PROFINET is being expanded. Consequently, PROFINET has the most comprehensive technology portfolio and provides device manufacturers the right solution for every application.”


By: Weber