Statement Henning Sandfort, Siemens AG: PROFINET technology from Siemens enables a cycle time of 31.25 µs

“The ERTEC 200P is the first ASIC from Siemens to support IO transmission cycle times down to 31.25 µs, based on implementation of the performance upgrade in PROFINET Specification V2.3. This makes the PROFINET standard for automation technology ideally equipped for the technical challenges of the future.

The ERTEC 200P will not only ensure maximum PROFINET performance in Siemens devices but will also be available to any interested device manufacturers for development of fast PROFINET devices. Similar to the established ERTEC 200 ASIC, we will also offer a Development Kit for the ERTEC 200P, which will support fast and easy device development. Device manufacturers will be able to order the Development Kit for the ERTEC 200P in the near future through the well-known distribution channels. The ERTEC 200 will continue to be available without restrictions.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of PROFINET technology, we are able to provide device manufacturers with a comprehensive product portfolio as well as expert consulting and comprehensive support for all aspects of the PROFINET device development process.”


By: Weber