Se habla Español? New Spanish and Portuguese Brochures available

PROFIdrive, PROFINET, PROFIsafe brochure Spanish Portuguese

PROFIBUS Brazil has translated a set of marketing brochures into Spanish and Portuguese. Newly available are the PROFINET and PROFIsafe brochures in Spanish, plus all Portuguese versions. All brochures are available for free download on the PI Web site:

PROFIdrive Brochure

In rowing, power and synchronity are the key to success. The same is true of today's solutions in the drives sector, where isochronous communication between distributed drives and the processes running on them is a fundamental requirement.


The PROFIdrive drive profile is making a significant contribution to meeting this requirement. Read more about PROFIdrive in PI's brochure:


The innovative power and cooperation of over 1,400 member companies has made PROFIBUS the most successful fieldbus worldwide. PROFINET users can also benefit from this advantage because existing PROFIBUS technologies ca be totally integrated into PROFINET.


Read more in PI's PROFINET Brochure:

PROFIsafe Brochure

Safety has gained a constantly growing importance in the consciousness of the population worldwide. A comprehensive examination of application scenarios by numerous safety experts from well-known companies has created an open solution for PROFIBUS, the PROFIsafe technology.


Read more in PI's PROFIsafe Brochure:


PROFIBUS for Process Automation meets the demands of the chemical industry for use in explosive areas, use in areas where both power and communication are available over the bus. Furthermore, standardized application profiles are available and Plug & Play instruments even in potentially explosive areas.


Read more in PI's PROFIBUS PA Brochure:

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