Quality of PROFINET at a high level

With the automation of test runs for the certification of PROFINET interfaces of products, PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) keeps the quality of PROFINET continuously on a high level. The basis for this is the new test system which permits a high degree of automated realization of test scenarios as well as the analysis of test records.

The automated certification test facilitates not only the work in accredited certification laboratories (PI Test Labs), but also in development laboratories of basic technology suppliers of PROFINET as well as of device and controller manufacturers. Each newly released version of the test system is provided to all members on the PI website for free download.

The continued development is ensured within the framework of a project including an active group of test, product and quality experts. Basic technology suppliers play a special role here: Due to the active participation they can use a draft version in the company for preliminary tests on the one hand, and on the other hand they can provide their last firmware versions for approval of the test system versions. In this way, deviations between interface implementations and test system analysis become evident at an early stage so that an early search for sources of error can take place. The fact that this goes down well with basic technology suppliers as well as the product manufacturers is revealed by an increasing number of actively involved companies.

The strength of PROFINET is the large range of functions and a pleasantly high diversity of manufacturers. Against this background, the availability of a reliable and user-friendly tool for quality assurance is indispensable. So far PI has issued more than 1,500 certificates. Regularly new manufacturers from various regions are added - especially from Asia and North America.

By: Weber