PROFIsafe Goes Wireless

PROFIsafe Goes Wireless

PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has specified PROFIsafe for wireless networks. The new version of the PROFIsafe profile (Version 2.4) describes the conditions for the functionally safe transmission of data via WLAN and Bluetooth. The concept has been assessed and approved by the BGIA and TÜV.


The publication of the specification of PROFIsafe on PROFINET IO ? and thus on Ethernet ? in 2005 was a trailblazing success, simultaneously confirming the compatibility, in principle, of PROFIsafe for wireless networks. It was then simply a case of defining the details in respect of the issue of security; in other words, access protection for safety-relevant data. The new PROFIsafe profile Version 2.4 specifies the security issues involved in the configuration of wireless components for secure cyclic data exchange.


First applications with PROFIsafe for wireless are already proving their worth in practice.


PI members can download the profile for free from the PI website (non-members have to pay a fee of 150 euros).

By: Weber