Hannover, 11 April 2005:

The advance of Industrial Ethernet in automation continues inexorably. PROFIBUS International (PI) established a market-leading technology with PROFINET. After the successful completion of the safe communication for PROFIBUS DP via the PROFIsafe profile, the PROFIsafe profile has now been extended for PROFINET IO.

PROFIsafe is used for safe communication in production automation as well as in process automation. The spectrum of applicable devices reaches from secure input and output modules of remote I/O via light curtains, laser scanners and transmitters up to drives with integrated safety function and robots. The special benefits of PROFIsafe on PROFIBUS are obvious: Savings on wiring and flexibility in commissioning, expansion and upgrade, uniform engineering and a uniform and powerful parameter setting and diagnostics.

PI has now adapted the PROFIsafe profile for use on PROFINET IO. The possibilities of Ethernet-based communication, such as the significantly larger volume proportion (address space, user data, etc.) and the use of active network components (switches, routers) have been rigorously used for the expansion of the current profile.

The new PROFIsafe specification is suitable for use on PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET IO. The harmonization with the approval offices of TÜV and BGIA is currently taking place. The first products can be expected in the fall of 2005, and applications are expected for the end of this year.

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