PROFINET tools available free of charge

To support the integration of PROFINET IO into products, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) is providing its members a range of tools for free download at This is another important measure, in addition to the available manifold technology offer, for helping vendors with timely, cost-effective interface integration.


The GSD Checker, Wireshark, and the PROFINET Tester are tools that can be used in different ways for integrating PROFINET into devices. The GSD Checker can be used to create PROFINET GSDs that comply with the specification and to verify that available GSDs conform to the standard. Wireshark is a well-known protocol analyzer for Ethernet networks. For the fast tracking of errors Wireshark displays PROFINET telegrams in a simple manner. The PROFINET Tester supports the development of PROFINET interfaces complying to the specification and is very well-suited for preparing for the mandatory PROFINET device certification.  


Through these tools, the manifold technology offer (consisting of software stacks, ASICs, complete ready-to-operate hardware modules and boards, PC cards with integrated communication stacks, and customized services), as well as regularly scheduled technology workshops, PI is offering interested manufacturers a high degree of support for device development.

By: Weber