PROFINET - Open technology

PROFINET is the open, vendor-neutral Industrial Ethernet standard for all applications in industrial automation. PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is pushing the standardization of PROFINET technology at high speed while offering comprehensive support through its member companies, ranging from consulting to hardware and firmware integration and to certification. In order for any company to implement PROFINET in the simplest and most cost- and time-efficient way possible, a comprehensive offer from a wide range of providers is available: firmware based on Standard Ethernet interface, PROFINET ASICs, and ready-to-install modules.


The brochure “The Easy Way to PROFINET Technology" published by PI and available for download on the Internet at the following link provides an overview of all providers:


With the release of the new TPS1 (TIGER ASIC) by Phoenix Contact, another PROFINET ASIC is now available, which has been designed especially for compact devices, e.g. compact IOs or drives. Based on this single chip solution, device manufacturers can implement PROFINET into their devices quickly and easily.

By: Weber