PROFINET IRT Plugfest a complete success

The invitation from PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) to attend the second Plugfest event in Dusseldorf at the end of June was gladly accepted by leading solution providers of technologies, devices, controllers, and tools. The host of this Plugfest was Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH, a well-known provider of semiconductors for PROFINET integration.

The goal of the event was to determine the maturity of various PROFINET implementations with emphasis on IRT. To this end, participants had access to a series of scaled test environments ranging from small degree of expansion to a large shared network. At the conclusion, an IRT network with various manufacturers in a line depth of 64 devices with parallel access of an additional RT controller to shared devices in the line and an additional 100% interference load from a professional Ethernet tester functioned trouble-free.

The result demonstrated once more that the interoperability within a system of a wide range of providers is a reality based on the current PROFINET specification – even in the case of synchronous PROFINET IRT communication.

Moreover, the practical, direct exchange of experience that marked the event furnished evidence of the openness of PROFINET and the partnership of the PROFINET community – a fundamental reason for the thoroughly successful spread of PROFINET use in applications.

By: Ketterer