PROFINET Executive Leadership Forum
United States

A uniquely North American event took place in February bringing major automation industry users and vendors together to discuss PROFINET and innovation. The PROFINET Executive Leadership Forum was held in Miami, FL, across two days, co-sponsored by PI North America and vendor members GE Intelligent Platforms and Siemens. 

PI North America Executive Director Michael J Bryant opened the Forum, saying that Siemens and GE compete in major verticals but that both had decided to use PROFINET. "The situation resembles Ethernet in the 80s, when Xerox, Digital Equipment, and Intel worked together and made it dominant in the office," he said. "Siemens and GE are applying the same cooperative approach to the industrial sector with PROFINET."

PI Chairman Joerg Freitag was among the speakers. Bernie Anger, of GE Intelligent Platforms, spoke of the importance of innovation in modern control. His company did an exhaustive analysis of available Industrial Ethernets and decided for PROFINET on technical merit. Siemens' Raj Batra said PROFINET will be important for saving energy too and exampled a Mercedes Benz pilot where energy costs during non-productive periods were reduced by 75% using PROFIenergy. He added that PROFINET has been selected by some of the biggest names "because of its technical superiority."